Marvin Chan (b. 1972)



Oil On Canvas

RM 30,000

Artist Biography

Marvin works mostly in oil besides sculpting with various types of clay and copper wires. He creates figurative characters and works them around a surreal environment filled with symbolism. Pertaining to his interest in philosophy, he attempts to introduce elements, methods and materials to build an address, to convey his philosophical views fitted in modern living. His works offer room to examine ideas with brevity and simplicity as his goals. Hailing from advertising background, Marvin has won numerous awards in advertising. His notable achievements include the “Best Study Case Award“ (Truly Asia Campaign, Malaysia, 2001), “Cannes Finalist” (KFC Popcorn Chicken, Malaysia, 2006), and the “Times Asia-Pacific Advertising Award” (Harley Davidson Motorcycles and Apparels Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, 1999).

Notable Works

Sutera Dancer, 2009

Sold for MYR 9,350

Source: Henry Butcher

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