Chong Ai Lei (b. 1985)

Siesta (2013)


Oil on canvas

RM 20,000

Artist Biography

Chong Ai Lei is an emerging talent in the contemporary Malaysian art scene, known for her distinctive style and evocative depictions of women. Born in Johor, Malaysia, in 1985, she received her Diploma in Illustration from the Dasein Academy of Art, Kuala Lumpur, in 2005.

Chong Ai Lei's works often feature female figures in solitary settings, drawing viewers in with their introspective moods and compelling narratives. Her art delves into themes of identity, gender roles, and the human condition, showcasing a rich interplay of colors, shadows, and textures. She uses the medium of oil on canvas to masterfully convey the subtleties of human emotion and the ethereal nature of her chosen subjects.

Chong Ai Lei has steadily gained recognition, participating in numerous group exhibitions throughout Malaysia and in Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Korea. Her works are collected by private collectors from around the world.

Figures of total auctioned sold lots and value derived from in-house independent research are best estimates based on 2010-2013 Malaysian auction house data

Notable Works

True Romances II

Sold for HKD 75,000

Source: Christie's

Love, Romance (True Romance Series)

Sold for HKD 55,000

Source: Christie's

Fascination 1, 2014

Sold for MYR 31,360

Source: Henry Butcher

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