Awang Damit Ahmad (b. 1956)

Payarama “Pun Pun Merah” (2013)


Mixed Media on Canvas

RM 32,000

Artist Biography

Awang Damit Ahmad, known professionally as Awang Damit, is a highly regarded Malaysian contemporary artist. Born in 1956 in Kuala Terengganu, he moved to Sabah, East Malaysia at a young age, a region whose culture and environment would deeply influence his works.

Awang Damit's unique abstract style draws inspiration from his childhood memories and local Iban culture, creating compelling narratives about his own identity and the sociopolitical landscape of Malaysia. He studied Fine Art at the Mara Institute of Technology (now known as UiTM) and later acquired his Master’s degree from the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. in 1990.

His career spans over four decades, during which he has been part of numerous solo and group exhibitions both domestically and internationally. His prominent series, "Iraga" and "Payarama," are notable for their intense, emotionally charged imagery and distinctive blend of traditional motifs with modern abstraction.

His work reflects a deep commitment to his cultural heritage, his spiritual beliefs, and a profound sense of social responsibility. Through his complex layering of forms, textures, and colors, Awang Damit gives voice to his personal experiences and the collective memory of his community, exploring themes of loss, hope, and resilience.

Figures of total auctioned sold lots and value derived from in-house independent research are best estimates based on 2010-2013 Malaysian auction house data

Notable Works

Apa Khabar Ledang (Essence of Culture series)

Sold for HKD 437,000

Source: Christie's

Essence of Culture Series

Sold for HKD 275,000

Source: Christie's

Perjalanan Utara: Kinkir Pun Mula Sepi (A Journey to the North: Even the Beginning of All Things Start with Silence)

Sold for HKD 220,000

Source: Sothebys

Renongan Yang Hampa – Minamata Essence Of Culture (E.O.C.) Series, 1988

Sold for MYR 145,000

Source: Henry Butcher

Essence Of Culture (E.O.C.), 1992

Sold for MYR 89,600

Source: Henry Butcher

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