Dodit Artawan (b. 1978)

Living In America 2 (2011)


Oil on Canvas

RM 33,000

Artist Biography

Dodit Artawan is a critically acclaimed contemporary artist from Indonesia. Born in 1973 in Bali, Artawan attended the Indonesian Art Institute in Denpasar, graduating in 2000. His art often explores the intersections of the digital and the real, as well as the impact of consumerism on society.

Artawan is known for his unique style, blending realist painting techniques with digital imagery, particularly the pixel. His paintings often feature depictions of everyday items and images taken from mass media, deconstructed into pixelated forms, or rendered with hyperrealistic detail. This duality mirrors the blurred line between our physical reality and the digital realm.

His works have been showcased in various solo and group exhibitions, both in Indonesia and internationally, including the Netherlands, Singapore, and Australia. Artawan's thought-provoking pieces have been widely acknowledged for their commentary on modern society's consumerist tendencies and our increasingly digitized world.

Notable Works

Digger, 2003

Sold for MYR 10,080

Source: Henry Butcher

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