Suzlee Ibrahim (b. 1987)

Center Street UENO I (2008)


Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

RM 30,000

Artist Biography

Suzlee Ibrahim is a renowned Malaysian contemporary artist recognized for his vibrant, expressive abstract paintings. Born in 1959 in Johor, Malaysia, Suzlee graduated from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia, and later earned a Master's degree from Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK.

Suzlee's work is characterized by dynamic compositions and strong color contrasts, with a particular focus on rhythm. He often uses music as a source of inspiration, and his paintings echo the energy, movement, and emotion found in music. His notable series include "Rhythm of Colour", "Rhythm of Lines", and "Rhythm of Nature", which beautifully illustrate his thematic focus.

Over the years, Suzlee has held numerous solo exhibitions in Malaysia and has participated in international exhibitions in countries such as India, Russia, Korea, and the UK. He has received several awards for his contributions to the art field, including the "Anugerah Khas Juri" (Juror's Special Award) in the 2003 National Open Show.

Figures of total auctioned sold lots and value derived from in-house independent research are best estimates based on 2010-2013 Malaysian auction house data

Notable Works

Midnight Summers No.1

Sold for HKD 90,000

Source: Sothebys

Meditation Series: Light

Sold for HKD 90,000

Source: Sothebys

Midnight Summer, 2016-2017

Sold for MYR 56,000

Source: Henry Butcher

Sakura Series — Red Sakura II, 2008

Sold for MYR 44,800

Source: Henry Butcher


Sold for MYR 39,600

Source: Henry Butcher

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