Sharifah Fatimah Syed Zubir, Dato (b. 1948)

Bukit Beruntung 4 (2023)


Acrylic on Paper

RM 7,500

Artist Biography

Sharifah Fatimah Syed Zubir was born in Alor Setar, Kedah. She received her early education in Alor Setar. After completing her schooling, Sharifah Fatimah continued her studies at the Mara Institute of Technology (ITM) in 1967 specialising in Fine Arts. She received her Diploma in Fine Arts in 1971, and at the same time she also received the award as the Best Student of Mara Institute of Technology. After completing her studies at the Mara Institute of Technology, Sharifah Fatimah continued her studies at Reading University, England in 1973 and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1976. In 1978, Sharifah obtained her Master’s degree in the field of Fine Arts from Dratt Institute, New York. She is a prominent abstract artist in Malaysia and she belongs to the group of artists of the 70’s era.

Figures of total auctioned sold lots and value derived from in-house independent research are best estimates based on 2010-2013 Malaysian auction house data

Notable Works

Untitled, 1990s

Sold for MYR 89,600

Source: Henry Butcher

Reflection VI, 1995

Sold for MYR 73,920

Source: Henry Butcher

New Dawn I

Sold for HKD 87,500

Source: Sothebys

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