ARThusiast Club


ARThusiast Club

Join us in our passionate quest for appreciating and collecting fine arts. Unleash your inner collector with access to our exceptional resources, exclusive benefits, and a intersecting community between Web 3.0 and Traditional worlds that truly values the world of art.

Membership Admission

Purchase at least one artwork from our carefully curated shows and you'll receive an NFT membership valid for 12 months, your passport to a world of art like no other.

VIP Access Art Expos & Exhibitions

Gain entrance to high-profile art exhibitions within Malaysia and worldwide. Get up close and personal with remarkable art pieces before the general public.

Networking Events

Participate in our member-exclusive private networking events. Mingle with fellow enthusiasts, collectors and artists. exchange ideas, and broaden your connection within the art world.

Auction Houses Visits

Experience the thrill of bidding in renowned auction houses, with expert guidance on auction dynamics and strategies.

Special Previews

Be the first to see and purchase artworks from emerging and established artists during our members-only preview sessions.

Art Consultation & Advisory

Benefit from art consultation services and get advice on curating, valuing, and preserving your art collection.

The ARThusiast Club is more than a club; it is a journey into the world of fine arts. With every art piece you purchase, you not only acquire a work of beauty but also an experience and a community that enriches your appreciation of the fine arts.

Ready to elevate your art-collecting journey? Be apart of the ARThusiast Club today. Discover art, be inspired, and enjoy the privileges of an art connoisseur.


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